Connect to your Google+ Profile with Wordpress

Connecting to your Google+ Profile makes an official connection between your Wordpress and your Google+ Account. When we talk about connecting wordpress to google + the first question come in mind what is the advantage? 
Google Plus with Wordpress

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Advantages of Connecting Wordpress with Google Plus.
Although there are many benefits but some of the main is bellow.

  • It includes a layer of verification, confirming that you are the real author of your post.
  • It helps Google to understand who created certain pages
  • It Increase the accuracy of search results.
  • It Increase the chance of fast listing in Google Search Engine

Connection Highlights

  • Your Google + Profile name will be displayed on your posts. 
  • In like/ sharing area at bottom of your post will include a link to your Google Plus profile, your visitors can easily follow you on your Google plus by hitting a button.

Post Comments Using Your Google+ Account
When you post a comment on a wordpress website, you can post as a guest by using your Google Plus or your other social accounts. Here we support Google Plus account, when you comment on a blog by using your Google Plus Account it will automatically take your name and other related information from google and URL to associate with your comment.  
Comment via Google+ Account

Share posts on Google+ with Publicize
Publicize  makes it very easy to share your content on other social networks like Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook and Path. The good news is now you can connect and share your content on your Google Plus  by  using this awesome tool.

Follow These Steps to Connect your Google + Profile with WordPress

  • Login to your Wordpress dashboard
  • On right menu point your course on Setting Tab (a popup menu will appear you can click on sharing)
  • Now Click on Sharing Tab
  • Here you will see different social networks
  • Click on Google +
  • A message to confirm authorship will appear
  • Login with your Google + Account 
  • Click on Accept (here you can select either you want to share you post with friends or publicize and to a specific circle of your Google Plus Account)
  • Once verified, you will have a option to check to make connection available to all users of your blog, which means that when a user of your blog publish a post it will also publicize to this Google Plus Connection.

google plus profile

Share Google+ Button
You can add a Google Plus button at the bottom of your posts so you visitors can easily share your content wither others. You can add this Google Plus button in sharing tab on your wordpress. Go to Setting then Click on Sharing and drag and drop the Google Plus button from Available Service to Enabled Services. 

Share Post on google +
Your Turn
If you find this tutorial usefull or got into problem while applying this to your blog/site, please leave a comment below, will be pleased to help you out. Don’t forget to subscribe and follow us on G+ for latest updates.

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