How to Arrange Header Menu in Wordpress

The titles of pages made in Wordpress make up the menu on the site header. As a matter of course, the page titles are arranged in alphabetical order in the menu bar. You can change the arrangement of the title menu on your business site to better suit your requirements. You can arrange them in the WordPress Dashboard, this action don’t need any plugin or cod editing. It is simple and easy to arrange them according to your wish.
Menu Bar Options
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Follow these steps in order to arrange them accordingly

  • Login to your WordPress  
  • Go to Dashboard
  • Click on Pages  in the left menu
  • Go to the Pages menu, here you will see a list of pages that shown on your site
  • Decide the order that you want to display you pages on your site. 
  • Go to the first Page title and click on Quick Edit. Some editing options will appear on the screnn, here you will see an option with the name of Order which has a value 0 in the box
  • Delete the 0 and write a number in which order you want title to be appear.  For example if you want this title to appear on forth position on you header menu list then enter 4. This number won’t appear on the menu bar, it is only to arrange the position.
  • Click  on update in order to save the changes
  • Repeat these steps to make changes for the rest of the menu order
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Your Turn
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