Easy Way To Submit Blog Sitemap to Google Webmaster

      As a new blogger adding sitemap for blog is very important and basic thing you have to do. Actually sitemap helps search engines to categorize and better crawl your site. You can keep an eye on how to Google indexing your pages, internal & external links and many other benefits.  

              Across the net there is number of methods introduced. Some of them are totally wrong and rests are difficult to understand. It is quite difficult for new blogger users to find the sitemap of their blog. Blogger have built-in tool for this purpose. You can add your sitemap with this tool. If you use any other service for this purpose it is very hard to find where is your sitemap. In this article you will find the easiest way to add sitemap. 

1. Type your Blogger blogs URL and add robots.txt at the end of your URL
        For example if your URL is http://abcd.blogspot.com then it should    
        be http://abcd.blogspot.com/robots.txt 
2. You will see some text in the browser.
3. Look for a line start with Sitemap. It will look like Sitemap:
          here the lable after address of your URl is the location of your sitemap
4. Open Google webmaster tools by going http://www.google.com.pk/webmasters/

5. Here you need to login with the same ID of your blogger.
6. After the completion of step 5 there will be a dashboard look like

7. Now go to “Crawl>>Sitemaps” to open your site map.
8. Here select your desired page for which you want to add sitemap

9. Now click on Add/Test Sitemap button
10. Now enter the "feeds/posts/default?orderby=updated" portion of your sitemap URL and
        click on Add Sitemap button
11. Congrats you have done

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